Should Churches be locked down while taxis run at FULL capacity with no social distancing, Casinos are OPEN, workplaces are OPEN and shopping malls are all OPEN? Cast your vote!

Closing date: 31 January 2021

Read more on www.Nuus.News about the new lockdowns on churches.

Does it also trouble you that the biggest attack against the Church in recent history has been launched with the coronavirus p(l)andemic?

If truly you are a Christian, you would know Hebrews 10:25 does not allow us “to forsake the assembling of ourselves together”. As a Christian, the Church is our first love. It is only those who are not born again that want the churches closed. Jesus Himself said He is coming back to a glorious Church. 

The ANC led Goverment has locked down Churches, closed them, while they encourage casino’s to be open, taxis to run at full capacity squeezing high risk passengers into a small confined space for prolonged periods, workplaces to be open and shopping malls to be open.

You can now cast your vote against this gross insult and error of Government against the Church. We will take the votes to Government and petition them.

If the Alcohol companies can petition their cause, then how much more should Christians stand up for the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Where is the Church? Why does the Church not do the same?

Even though the Church has been silent, there is a massive resistance rising up inside the Church against Government’s blatant discrimination against the Church. The Church is not  bunch of fools. How can a casino be open while a church is closed? In a casino pundits go from machine to machine spreading the virus, touching surfaces others will inevitably touch. In taxi’s people are squeezed like sardines in a taxi where lots of taxi drivers do not even wear masks!

We know however in the big picture, the attack is against the Church because the Church blocks the Antichrist’s One World Government from being established with its Global Citizen ID (ID2020), marked on you (with the mark of the beast on your hand or forehead) by administering vaccines to you that have largely not been proven.

The World Economic Forum is pushing its New World Order working closely together with the WHO and Bill Gates to implement the global vaccine ID tracking system. The SA Government is supporting the WHO and World Economic Forum towards the New World Order (One World Government).

If you want to STOP this evil that is taking place right in front of the Church and make a difference, then cast your vote below.

Matthew 16:18 And I say also unto thee,
That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church;
and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

Cast your vote below.

Target reached - aiming for 1,000,000 votes
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Votes AGAINST the opening of Churches

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Participant's comments

First NameShould Churches be opened up?Explain why Churches should be opened up/locked down
The church is a great blessing to this world. Number 1, my life got turned around when i first entered the Church, and got built up as I continued coming to church, and i know there is someone who needs what i got, the church's gospel changed my life. Number 2, the church services as our opportunity to serve God through our love services we do in church whether serving as the security, or as the usher, or as the media, the church gives all of us the opportunity to serve and we can't serve at home, it has to be in the house of God. Number 3, The house of God is our place of offering sacrifices to God. 1 chronicles 7, God has chosen the church as His own for sacrifices to be offered. number4, The church is a huge blessing to an evangelist because the evangelist can't build up the person on their own, they the church for the souls they need, remember the parable of the jew who was beaten and robbed and the Samaritan came and put him in the donkey and took in the inn that the owner takes care of him until he is well, thats the job of an evangelist, he or she takes all the souls in the church so that they can be taken care of and built up and that is where he takes joy therefore churches need to be open, there are lot of souls that need to be built up. Number 5, the church serves as an opportunity to evangelize or can be used an opportunity to win the lost, one can just invite someone to church and when they get there, they can be convicted and won to Christ, so the church also serves as a soul winning platform. we need our churches opened.
Because we all need God now more than ever.
Jenny may
Churches should be opened to share fellowship and praise & worship to encourage the body of Christ the Word says not forsaking the getting together. Freedom of rights. Amazing also we can sit in resturants with family crowded but cant sit one on one with elderly parents shocking disgraceful.
The Word of God should have free course. We have freedom of association. It is crazy to have taxis run at full capacity (where people sit in close proximity) and churches closed. Likewise, it is unfair to have restaurants open (where people actually take their masks off) but churches must be closed.
Church's should open because we have a right to religious and chuch's cannot remain closed while malls taxis are still wont find social distance in the taxi but still they still operating..thats the reason why churches also should open..and they follow regulations more than malls and taxis
The believer in Christ is not to forsake the gathering together of the saints and its our birth right to congregate
The Lord Jesus gave The Church a mandate to heal the sick, Mark 16: 18b. Man is a spirit, man can not survive without his or her spiritual connectivity. When you remove a fish from the water it dies, therefore Man is done a lot of injustice by being denied, spiritual counsel and fellowship by closing Churches.
Casinos,taxi,busses ens are open way not churches. NWO planne is to close and destroy all churches no children of our Vader in heaven and on earth must survive
Hebrews 10:25 Explain it to us that we should not forsake gathering together. As a church we are very essential to the society in many ways. We build the character of people with God's word,by so doing we reduce crime and stop suicide. We also meet the physical needs of the community. We heal the sick by the power of the Holy Spirit
Churches are not spread of corona because they are closed but coron is still spreading as the government says. Church are essential too.
Churches are essential
There is no Christianity without gathering together as saints. That is where we encourage, Pray and sharpen one another. To close churches is to close hospitals. Churches should stay open because they are part of essential services.
Ons het die woord van God nodig veral in die tyd. Die boodskap van Jesus moet nou juis verkondig word.
The virus is a plandemic, the Lords coming is here, there is a war in the spiritual realm, between the church and the anti Christ, the churches should he opened up, we need the fellowship together God expects that of us in his Word not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together. We need to pray for one another, laying of hands, Communion, baptism we cannot do that if churches are closed, there is so much more, if churches is closed there will be a falling away of many people which we cannot afford every soul matters to God
Hebrews 10v25 God in His Word shows us how to deal with sickness and disease; its never to do with social distancing etc
The church is the last hope of spiritual, social and emotional strength when everything else has failed.
It is foolishness to stop Church when restaurants and casino and busses and markets are full
We gave a constitutional right to gather, l are a valid support to government and the poor. Churches are non violent and don't contribute to hospital trauma. It is our choice to gather peacefully and this is a gross government violation against the people
The house of the Lord has been build to thank the Lord for all the blessings in life!! As a family of God we praise and worship together in faith!!
It is an essential service and we have the right to come together to pray together.
This is the time where it is important for people to call upon the Lord! Our church practices social distancing and have limited the number of people but to close it completely is very cruel and ungodly.
Churches are important to us Christians, it is a place where get a chance to fully build each other in our most holy faith
Fellowship in very important in the house of the Lord. We are not bothering anyone, we just want to gather and worship and praise God as we should. Many are brought to hope because of church, souls are saved because of church. People are healed because of church, the list goes on and on. A lot is done when we gather together in prayer as Christians, we shouldn’t even be begging to go to church to begin with. It is unconstitutional.
Need koinonia
Because we want to praise and worship God Plus other areas are allowed to gather or assemble why shouldn't we Nd it's by our own free will to do so it ain't like we are bein forced those who feel not safe shouldn't come Church's aren't forcing anyone to come but being force not to gather that's stripping away our rights

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