How the Christians in South Africa
can change South Africa QUICKLY,
with an overwhelming MAJORITY
that it doesn't know of ......

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Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge

Do you know how many votes the ANC ruling party got to have nearly 2/3 (two thirds) majority control in South Africa?


Only 10million votes

Now what would it take to change the picture?

Do you know how many Christians there are in South Africa?


Nearly 50 Million Christians!

Statistics South Africa estimates the amount of Christians in SA, between 64% and 80%.  
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That means between 38million and 48million South Africans are Christians!
(Based on about +-60million people)
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This means Christians are by FAR the BIGGEST Majority People Group with common interest!
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So why then is the Church suffering so much?

Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge

The Church in South Africa has suffered major oppression climaxing in the Covid19 lockdowns when Government declared Churches as Non-Essential Services.

It’s the biggest insult the Church has suffered in South Africa’s democratic history.

But no longer will the Church suffer in ignorance! The Church has awaken!

With every Christian in South Africa's vote and Active participation on Gospel.Network we can change South Africa in a space of a few months!
Use your Christian vote, to change South Africa.

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By the way, how many votes did South Africa's biggest Christian party, the ACDP, get in the last elections?


Thats only 0,8% of the Total votes…

Why would this be? And what can we do about this? We need more support from Christians and also more Christian political parties. We have no representation in Government, yet Government is the one ruling the day to day affairs of life.

Christians, Let's Change this.

We are an overwhelming majority. With your vote YOU can change S.A. through Gospel.Network's Polls, Petitions and Public Participation submissions!

Let's start by getting the first 1 million Christian voters Active. Get as many other Christians as possible to join Gospel.Network's voting platform now!​

Do your own research:

e • d 
list ANC10,026,47557.50Decrease 4.65230Decrease 19
list Democratic Alliance3,621,18820.77Decrease 1.3684Decrease 5
list Economic Freedom Fighters1,881,52110.79Increase 4.4444Increase 19
list IFP588,8393.38Increase 0.9814Increase 4
list Freedom Front Plus414,8642.38Increase 1.4810Increase 6
list ACDP146,2620.84Increase 0.274Increase 1
list UDM78,0300.45Decrease 0.552Decrease 2
list African Transformation Movement76,8300.44New2New
list Good70,4080.40New2New
list National Freedom Party61,2200.35Decrease 1.222Decrease 4
list African Independent Congress48,1070.28Decrease 0.252Decrease 1
list Congress of the People47,4610.27Decrease 0.402Decrease 1
list Pan Africanist Congress32,6770.18Decrease 0.021Steady 0
list Al Jama-ah31,4680.18Increase 0.041Increase 1
list African Security Congress26,2630.15New0New
list Socialist Revolutionary Workers Party24,4390.14New0New
list Black First Land First19,7960.11New0New
list African People’s Convention19,5930.11Decrease 0.060Decrease 1
list Afrikan Alliance of Social Democrats18,8340.11New0New
list Capitalist Party of South Africa15,9150.09New0New
list Alliance for Transformation for All14,2660.08New0New
list Agang SA13,8560.08Decrease 0.200Decrease 2
list Azanian People’s Organisation12,8230.07Decrease 0.040Steady 0
list Independent Civic Organisation12,3860.07Decrease 0.010Steady 0
list Minority Front11,9610.07Decrease 0.050Steady 0
list Democratic Liberal Congress10,7670.06New0New
list Better Residents Association9,1790.05Decrease 0.030Steady 0
list Forum for Service Delivery8,5250.05New0New
list Front National7,1440.04Increase 0.010Steady 0
list Land Party7,0740.04New0New
list African Covenant7,0190.04New0New
list Patriotic Alliance6,6600.04Decrease 0.030Steady 0
list African Democratic Change6,4990.04New0New
list Economic Emancipation Forum6,3190.04New0New
list Women Forward6,1080.04New0New
list Christian Political Movement4,9800.03New0New
list African Content Movement4,8410.03New0New
list International Revelation Congress4,2470.02New0New
list National People’s Front4,0190.02New0New
list African Renaissance Unity Party3,8600.02New0New
list African Congress of Democrats3,7680.02New0New
list South African National Congress of Traditional Authorities3,7140.02New0New
list Compatriots of South Africa3,4060.02New0New
list People’s Revolutionary Movement2,8440.02New0New
list Power of Africans Unity2,6850.02New0New
list Free Democrats2,5800.01New0New
list South African Maintenance and Estate Beneficiaries Association2,4450.01New0New
list National People’s Ambassadors1,9790.01New0New
Valid votes17,436,14498.67 
Spoilt votes235,4721.33
Total votes cast17,671,616100.00
Registered voters/turnout26,779,02565.99
Source: IEC

What will the practical effect be of Christians gathering together on the network?


Change the whole of South Africa on every level of society.

Overtake the pro-gay DA (Democratic Alliance)

so many will have deflected from the ANC that we have the majority rule in Government, we will have taken over the media, stopped corruption, fixed Eskom, stopped pension fund looting, stopped farm murders, including every area, sector of our beloved South Africa, as we should: for we are the salt of the earth that penetrates every fabric of society.