Bill Gates

Is the fuel of the satanic spell cast over the world that has made politicians like zombies, puppets in the hands of the antichrist, the 40 million aborted babies satan killed in the last 40 years through the leadership of Planned Parenthood?

In the same vein, is the more than 100million aborted babies satan killed in China through the 1 child policy the fuel behind the spell that has made China’s leaders puppets in the hands of the antichrist?

And is Bill Gates’s link to the 40+million aborted babies killed the reason why he could cast a spell over the whole world to only accept Windows on nearly every computer on earth? And is his link to the 40+million babies killed by abortion the reason why he was able to cast another spell over the whole earth, this time to monopolize his vaccine and the plans behind it? Could the richest man in the world really be satan’s tool and right hand man?

Let’s look at the facts:

Bill Gates was the richest man in the world for nearly 20 years and now he is the 2nd richest man. We know how hard it will be for him to enter into heaven.

It’s because the risk of having so much money is so high: 1Timothy 6:10 For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

He got his fortunes from creating the Microsoft Windows operating software for computers. But what was strange in his story was how that no other company went to manufacture an alternative software. In the most competitive market in the world, how could Bill Gates stop every other company from making other versions f computer operating software? Surely this is not normal. 

Bill Gates co-owns the license to the MRNA vaccines.

Bill Gates’ dad, Bill Gates sr. was the head of Planned Parenthood according to Bill Gates himself in an interview in 2002. Fact checkers are quick to point out he was only a director of Planned Parenthood, but Bill gives us the proper insight – his dad was a big force behind it with his legal background.

Planned Parenthood is behind 40+million babies killed in voluntary abortions.

Bill Gates funded a bankrupt Moderna and pulled the cmpany out of bankruptcy to produce the MRNA vaccines.

Bill Gates already moved the Covid MRNA vaccines to a university in December 2019.

Bill Gates owns the next world currency with the number of the mark of the beast attached to it: see patent number WO2020/060606 issued in March 2020. 

Bill Gates own the ID2020 Aliance, which goal is to create a one world digital ID for all people to make them global citizens. 

Bill Gates’ ID2020 is also the force behind the “Good health pass” which surely will become the mark of the beast.

Bill Gates funded the WHO for a long time being the biggest private donour for years. Thats how he got control over them. He bought them over. He gave more money to them than countries.

Bill Gates then bribed Oxford University to drop all the vaccine research programmes they were busy with and only do Astra Zeneka. He gave them $780million for that favour.

Bill Gates owns stakes in Pfizer and shared his MRNA patent details with Pfizer’s BIONTECH to make the MRNA vaccines.

Bill Gates is best friends with George Soros, who owns all the Mainstream Media companies in the USA and UK.

George Soros is a big activist for a One World Government.

Bill Gates and George Soros together bought the company that created the PCR tests to test for Covid.

Bill Gates used his influence to start the Gavi vaccine alliance.

Bill Gates funded Luciferase development, now use in testing the vaccines.

Bill Gates funded the quantum dot tattoo technology which is ideal to make an invisible tattoo on your hand.

What about China? China has done more than 100million abortions under their 1 child policy where families were forced only to have 1 child to stop China from being overpopulated. Families were severely penalized if they had more than 1 child. This went on for more than 20 years.

Examples from the Bible how people sacrificed to put a spell on people:

Hamman cast pur for 1 year every day in his house to bewitch the king. After one year, he went to the king and the king just accepted his proposal to kill all the Jews instantly, like a robot. Just like a puppet in the hands of satan.

The same thing happened when the king was losing the war. He sacrificed his own son on the wall of this palace, putting his first born son that  was supposed to take over the kingship from him on a stake and burning him alive. The spiritual power it released, instantly put a spell on the Israelites and stopped the war against him and saved his kingdom.


So how can the Church break the spell that is on the earth right now?

So from all this we can see that if the Church prays and fasts for 3 days in unity, it can break the spell that is over the world with covid and we can stop the antichrist’s One World Government from taking over. The only thing we need is unity and a single point of focus in deep prayer for 3 days. Fasting men women and children and animals against the 40million babies killed in the West and 100million babies killed in China and we will have broken the spell that is on the earth. This is what we are taught by the account of Queen Esther, which is a similar situation we are facing globally right now.

More details to come in the next day.

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