We create a voting platform for Christians

By law the Government must take into account the comments and input of the public before passing a bill into law. 

Traditionally South Africans have not had a place where they could raise their voices to speak to government to exercise their rights. was born and most South Africans have heard of it. It became a go-to place to give comments and cast a vote for, or against, new bills. It has had great success in shaping policies and stopping certain unethical bills just to pass through government. 

While this is great, we as Christians can do better and create our own voting platform. We can add a Christian perspective to the new bills being passed, ensuring that as Christians, Government also listen to our Biblical inputs.

Government will never be able to ignore the voice of 1 million or 5 million voting Christians!

The voting platform will have all the topical issues ready for your input, which will then be lodged to Government through the correct channels.