Should Churches be locked down while taxis run at FULL capacity with no social distancing, Casinos are OPEN, workplaces are OPEN and shopping malls are all OPEN? Cast your vote!

Closing date: 31 January 2021

Read more on www.Nuus.News about the new lockdowns on churches.

Does it also trouble you that the biggest attack against the Church in recent history has been launched with the coronavirus p(l)andemic?

If truly you are a Christian, you would know Hebrews 10:25 does not allow us “to forsake the assembling of ourselves together”. As a Christian, the Church is our first love. It is only those who are not born again that want the churches closed. Jesus Himself said He is coming back to a glorious Church. 

The ANC led Goverment has locked down Churches, closed them, while they encourage casino’s to be open, taxis to run at full capacity squeezing high risk passengers into a small confined space for prolonged periods, workplaces to be open and shopping malls to be open.

You can now cast your vote against this gross insult and error of Government against the Church. We will take the votes to Government and petition them.

If the Alcohol companies can petition their cause, then how much more should Christians stand up for the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Where is the Church? Why does the Church not do the same?

Even though the Church has been silent, there is a massive resistance rising up inside the Church against Government’s blatant discrimination against the Church. The Church is not  bunch of fools. How can a casino be open while a church is closed? In a casino pundits go from machine to machine spreading the virus, touching surfaces others will inevitably touch. In taxi’s people are squeezed like sardines in a taxi where lots of taxi drivers do not even wear masks!

We know however in the big picture, the attack is against the Church because the Church blocks the Antichrist’s One World Government from being established with its Global Citizen ID (ID2020), marked on you (with the mark of the beast on your hand or forehead) by administering vaccines to you that have largely not been proven.

The World Economic Forum is pushing its New World Order working closely together with the WHO and Bill Gates to implement the global vaccine ID tracking system. The SA Government is supporting the WHO and World Economic Forum towards the New World Order (One World Government).

If you want to STOP this evil that is taking place right in front of the Church and make a difference, then cast your vote below.

Matthew 16:18 And I say also unto thee,
That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church;
and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

Cast your vote below.

Target reached - aiming for 1,000,000 votes
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Votes AGAINST the opening of Churches

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Participant's comments

First NameShould Churches be opened up?Explain why Churches should be opened up/locked down
It is God who can help us now, the government has truly lied to us and we cannnot turn to them, but we can turn to God. Church is truely way more important than all these bars and restaurants that are still open. Christians now need to pray more than ever so that this situation can change Its our Christianity that is at stake and the government doesnt even regard it as important to open the churches...
We need churches to open up so that they can pray for the country and the government to make right decisions for the country. Churches are more important that the pubs and the restaurants that they are willing to run.
Pastor Desiree Nomfundo
The Churches should be opened up because our Lord said its very important t to meet. And its where we pray for our leaders and against every evil force that's trying to take over our lives. I stand with Chief judge Mogoe Mogoeng. Thank you I'm happy with this step.
Church is the house of prayer, where hope is restored for God's people. God's people should be free to worship. Church is an essential service .
Churches should be opened. It makes no sense to open restaurants and alot of places and not prioritise the Church. The Church practice morals that are to be embedded our Country. You don't priotise a place where people are equipped about matters of life, something is off.
The devil is at our doorstep and we are playing right into his hands. Closing churches is exactly what he wants while he's operating fully unchallenged. This is beyond human understanding, we need God.
Church should be opened because it's a place where all solutions are found, if South Africa could rely on God with covid19 situation, everything would work out. Church is a place of healing. CHURCH IS ONE OF THE ESSENTIALS FOR EACH AND EVERY HUMAN BEING.
Churches are a place whereby we HEAL( emotionally, mentally etc.). So it is our RIGHT to go to church. # It Is our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to go to church.
Churches should be open because are they are places of . Right now we need pastors to encourage us
The church need to pray together so the w
Chuplace are a place of hea1ing and restoration. The churches are of God and no one should touch them. If you can open malls and other things,you can also open churches,besides church can't compete with those,it's incontestable! The lockdown is foolish,it's not science and has no proof that it works,if the first lockdown didn't work what makes you think it will work now?? Besides Covid19 is a scam!!it's not dangerous,it doesn't kill,the people who died weren't treated but left to die,and also died of some other ailments not Covid19. The numbers are fictitiously skyrocketing.
Heb 10:25 Not forsaking or neglecting to assemble together [as believers], as is the habit of some people, but admonishing (warning, urging, and encouraging) one another, and all the more faithfully as you see the day approaching. Hebrews 10:25 Never be locked down
We need to gather up and pray together as a unit for our leaders and the nation of South Africa as a whole. We need to open!
Church is the place where people receive their healing and God is our only help now during this pandemic. The bible says if my people who are called by my name shall humble themselves and seek His face, He will heal our land. The world needs God like never before during this time and church is the place where God can be found.
It is uncostitutional to say churches and non-scientific to say that churches must not gather we are citizens of SA we have to enjoy life here
Busani Lemuel
We are the spirit being. Our Lord Jesus Christ admonishes us to congregate. Sickness is not part of our DNA. We heal the sick not get sick . It is high time government must get that into their heads. Our gathering is physical not online that’s where God command blessings. The government must stop regulating spiritual things. We depend in the authority of the Name of Jesus Christ not on what the government is saying.
The church is one of the important resource in life. It is essential in people's lives. It will help to fight this corona issu
The Church is not a super spreading event. Its a place of healing, not a place of infection.

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