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Closing date: 31 January 2021

Read more on www.Nuus.News about the Nobel prize winning drug that is proven to successfully treat and prevent Covid19 here.

Christians, you have prayed for a miracle counter to Covid19. Dr Pierre Kory describes Ivermectin to be just that: A cheap drug, that is already on the market for 30 years, with limited to no side effects, is extremely safe, and obliterates covid19. He implies that if everyone just takes this as a preventative treatment once a month, heard immunity can be achieved quickly and the world will go back to pre-pandemic levels.

Government has however blocked the use of Ivermectin to fight Covid19, while US Specialist Doctors describe the Nobel prize winning drug, a miracle drug, that is extremely cheap to manufacture (at about one tenth the cost of the Bill Gates vaccine). 3,7 billion people have been treated with it in the last 30 years it has been on the market with incredible life saving abilities and massive case studies and safety tests. Again, it has so much credibility and is so safe, it got the 2015 Nobel prize for Medicine. They have scientific proof that if you take it once a month you will not get sick from covid19. t’s something a vast percentage of the population will be able to afford themselves relieving the financial strain from Government that the Bill Gates vaccines will bring. They project by widespread use of the drug, the pandemic can get stopped.

The one of the divisions of the NIH has described it as an incredibly safe drug, with limited, if any, side effects. The NIH has now included Ivermectin as one of the approved drugs to treat Covid19. Do your own research.

Meanwhile SA Government has banned all use of Ivermectin, and will put you in jail if you do use it. SA Government only wants the 10 times more expensive Bill Gates never used before, mRNA vaccine, that communicates with your very own DNA, of which long term side effects have not been established. That will pave the way for a lifetime of recurring vaccines, a digital ID to track all your vaccines with a mark on your right hand or forehead.

Use the vote form below to stop the Government from mass vaccinations and to follow the NIH and approve the human version of the Ivermectin drug for human use and covid19 treatment in SA with immediate effect. 

John 8:32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

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First NameI want SA Government to follow the USA NIH (National Institutes of Health) example and immediately allow the use of Ivermectin to treat Covid19 patients.Explain why Government should approve the emergency use of Ivermectin (You can also find more reasons on www.Nuus.News' in depth article on Ivermectin
It's not detrimental to human health. It has been proven scientifically to be working effectively.
Supported positive evidence available of being a drug preventing and assisting COVID patients to fight against the disease with lowered death rates ~ and financially do able!
Y not?
There is no explanation it works so use it there have been trials and medical evidence concerning the above so why are we not using it.

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