Vote for, or against,Government’s bill to put 5G towers on your private property without your consent.

If you want to read more about 5G techonology and the health dangers it holds in, you can find out more on our Christian Mainstream News Platform, Nuus.News by clicking on this link.

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Brief Description of the main issues of the Bill

  • The Bill violates the Constitution, specifically the Bill of Rights, in that it disregards the right to private property ownership. Government gives Mobile operators the right to place a 5G tower on your private property, and installtion can be done without your consent. All the licensees have to do to build communications infrastructure on a property is to give the owner a notice stating, among other things, the reasons for it, when and where it will happen and how to object. You can object, but we all know that it would be such a dragged and costly process.
  • The policy is intended to pave the way for LTE and 5G infrastructure, giving mobile networks and other licensees permission to install it on any public or private land they so choose.
  • Although the policy obviously is not worded to say it explicitly, the stipulations gives the mobile operators the right to install a 5G tower on your house’s roof if they wish to do so.
  • No regards are given to research as to the impact on people’s bodies and health by 5G. 5G is a military weapon that has been downscaled to human use level but without proper research.
  • Government has already shown its gross disregard for private property ownership when they introduced the Expropriation without Compensation bill in December 2019, quietly trying to force the bill through without anyone noticing it during the December holidays. Mainstream media kept very quiet, and it was Nuus.News that exposed it all and eventually the process was put to stop when a public outcry started.
  • Find the actual publication here: Government Gazette No. 43537 dated Wednesday July 22.
  • Find more info here The False Bay Echo.

5G Towers from a Spiritual Perspective

The impact of the 5G system from a Spiritual perspective is massive.

The 5G antennas and satellites are simply a means to an end, and that end is 24/7 mass data collection and mass surveillance of people around the world. In China they are already heading towards 2 surveillance cameras per person.

satan is pushing his One World Government to come into place for the time of the Antichrist as prophesied in the Bible Book of Revelation. And for that to realize, the digital data collection systems need to be in place to closely monitor the people who carry the Mark of the Beast on their foreheads and right hands. 

Christians are called to make their vote concerning this 5G matter. Decide for yourself whether the way government wants to implement it is good or bad and cast your vote.